Real Cats

by ST x LIAM

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Real Cats was made in the mould of an old-school vinyl single release. On side A, we have Real Cats featuring Louie P, one half of The Celestics along with four remixes crafted by some of Montreal's dopest beatbuilders: Dr. MaD, Da-P, Fruits & Heathcliff Starks. It is a take on each rapper's internal real cat, inspired by the cats they have owned in their lives. On side B, we have Fairmount Bagels, a walk in the Mile End neighbourhood through the eyes of a real cat.

Big thanks to: Louie P, Dr. MaD, Da-P, Heathcliff Starks and the rest of the ALAIZ and C.O.A.S.T. crews. Fruits and all the TTT associates. Artbeat Montreal for the continued support and everybody who helped us become the cats we are today.

Shout outs to our real cats: Croquignolle, Max (R.I.P.), Nako, Silly, Lupe, Will (R.I.P.), Mélusine (R.I.P.), Peanuts, Big Jay, Tapatou, Reggie, Zoé, Mitzi, Sakayapo (R.I.P.), Cannelle (R.I.P.), Le Nanou (R.I.P.), Pommette (R.I.P.), Tigizou aka Babulles (R.I.P.) and all the other real cats that left the streets too soon.


released December 3, 2013

Real Cats produced by Liam.
Written by Liam, ST & Louie P.

mount.real.kats (Dr. M△D Remixance) produced by Dr. M△D.

Real Cats (Da-P remix) produced by Da-P.

Real Evil Cats (Fruits remix) produced by Fruits.

Starkadelic Cats (Starks remix) produced by Heathcliff Starks.

Fairmount Bagels produced by Liam.
Written by ST.

Cover design by Liam.

All rights reserved, 2013.


all rights reserved



ST x LIAM Montreal, Québec

ST x LIAM est un duo composé du rappeur ST et du rappeur/producteur LIAM.

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Track Name: Real Cats

Can I be the cat living in your bedroom?
I ain't leaving that soon, know what I be doing (x2)


Damn, you make me purr with your plan
I got the feeling that you really really understand
What a real cat needs is you using both hands
Kick it back as I lay on your lap it's out of hand
From A to B in the M-T-L
My peeps get creative blazing up these L's
Lately I'm about trees but I don't climb them
My man ST showed me "nah, just burn 'em"
Thirsty cats seeking P-U-S-S-Y
For the Cap M, effortless man, he be so fly, why?
The good manners, the act-proper, the sweet-talker
And of course the lady-lover
No leash on me, no collar on my neck
You gon' see, if you holla don't disrespect
My girl Croqui knows the deal
She's laying in the bed just like a seal, Real Cat come on


Can I be the cat living in your bedroom?
I ain't leaving that soon, know what I be doing (x2)


Damn, you got me hurt with your hand
You won't open the door, but you just don't understand
Give me some food man, at least a couple grams
You damn human, you always fuck up my plan
Catch me in the streets hunting, hood cat stunnin'
Real rat on the floor; why you be mad cousin?
I'm just doing my thing
Stay jumping at your feet if you pass in my lane, shit
Catnip addict, attitude is weeded
Elevated, seated, the cat is rude but needless to say
He's walking around like Jesus
Known to school a cat if needed, believe this
The rap-starter, smack-talker
The get-you-on-your-ass-smarter type of cat, harass you for your last quarter
My boy Max knows the deal
Chillin' in the streets felines get killed, Real Cat come on


Can I be the cat living in your bedroom?
I ain't leaving that soon, know what I be doing (x2)


Ladies and gentlemen, cool cats and hot dogs
I introduce lazy P, walkin' round with fly paws
Roamin down the streets, down the hood anyday
Niggas want beef, tryna take my spot cause they stray
But its all good, it don't even really matter
Hold it down for my hood I ain't never gon be a loner
My mouth full of hair, dreadlocks on my boy
Not doin shit of my day except playin with my toys
Lifestyle of the rich and fancy, give me attention
Take pictures of me like u a paparazzi
When I walk through all the kitties they bow down
Chinese pussy, talkin bout she want meow
Trust the team, and I trust the cats
Cause at the end of the day
I know my niggas got my back
Whos the realest cat in the hood is it me or is it me?
Memories of a nigga who is supremely lazy
Lazy cat what?
Track Name: Fairmount Bagels
I'm in the Mile End, fly off that high-end
High off that fly shit, lights off that my piff
Catnip addict you couldn't match my highness
Higgs boson nine lives defies the scientists
I'm the:
Side-alley roller
Backpack rally hoster
Knapsack carry dope stuff
And you carry posters
Stick 'em up on the walls my name is carried over
Smoking unique leaves, you couldn't match the odor
I'm on my Fairmount, jewish money get that bagel out the oven door
Feeling like I should get something more than what I care about
Careless I'm a real cat open the door you don't know my whereabouts
I'm so Montreal I don't have to prove it
Stick a GPS on me and analyze the movement
I'm the Atheist buddhist
So high off the floor
Even Ripley's wondering how I do this
I'm in these streets, the pavement is my slaveship
I'm here all the time, for you it's a day trip
Sedated, weed lean and beer is the basics
You don't gotta brag when you talking bout everyday shit
I'm on Hutchison, you can smell the fragrance
Old lady walking next to me, she about to lose her patience
Some of these other cats seem to hate this
Cause it's so effortless, try hards failing with that fake shit
This dude told me I talk shit a lot
Well hell, tell me something I don't know
This dude told me I talk shit a lot
Homie, a real cat would let it go, whoa

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