High Education

from Fresh Crops by ST x LIAM

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I ain't plain when I say I'm taking off
Breaking buds and raking off all the generated loss
Get so high clouds penetrate my thoughts
It ain't a game but you know if it was I'd be taking all

In, Montreal-in, you know the lifestyle
Smoke that quite loud, after that it's lights out
Feels like my head is wrapped in a tight shroud
The way this weed kicks, it would probably make Mike proud

You a sneaker head? I'm a reefer head
Buy expensive weed and in a week its dead
So I seek the bread like a priest seeks a shed
Where he can go with a kid…. nahhh, I can't see the rest

I'll let my eyes bleed to death, from this thick smoke
Panic at the disco fools get hit with that Klitchsko
Indo packs a heavy punch, so take shit slow
And this is solo, no one will take a drag from my spliff, yo


Smoking on that high grade I feel the buzz kicking in
Thinking of Romados chicken skin, but my pickings slim
Plates filling up my kitchen sink options are getting grim
Needs start calling I'm going back to how children think

That's means I'm high dude, munchies at the drive-through
What's really funny is I do this shit all the time too
Loot thinking shoes getting dirty but gotta eat
Packing heat in form of weed shit I'm here to inform the streets

Simon got that blowmind, so high, buy it
The way I live off grass you'd think I'm on a bovine diet
Shieeet, I stay swift I'm like Stromile flying
No dunks on my feet but it's dank in the leaf, listen

I rap about trees, and I smoke to write
This bowl ain't rice but my piff brings hope to life
So tell me all I do is puff heavy haze
Told you I roll as well as I rap, so you're fucked anyway


Now, we all like to categorize
So what was your greatest high? The one that shattered your eyes
Where you wanted to hide, thc levels would rise
Funny you got stoned but never felt more alive

Shit, my landlord bugging me for the weed smell
My drunk neighbour beating his wife but I'm more likely to see jail
They got the devil on shelves pumping drinks off retail
And they make me feel like a criminal for my trees, HELP!

I just like to get in the zone, weed helps me tell shit
Smoke a bit and then just let the man spit
Shit is endless
Could freestyle for minutes that turn to hours, fuck all my friendships

Never stop, I forever rock
Like the rock and roll, but the roll don't stop
The world don't stop, and the day I go
Will be the day the spaceships come and everything blows


You see the aliens my dude
They out here and they flying over you
But you really don't know the truth
Cause they haven't told you, you in the mold dude

Mindless, you probably one of them dudes
That deny any proof from scientists
Hiding behind this, rhetoric that God is good
And that he wouldn't want you to get high, shit

Well guess what, Jesus was smoking weed
Jesus smoking weed, Jesu-Jesus smoking weed
Jesus smoking weed, if he wasn't blowing trees
He was high on something else to make them people believe

You may think I'm rambling, so what if I am
Grams getting split up in the palm of my hand
Survival tactics, my 90s kids should understand
Chillin at the park, rolling weed up in the stands

At the end, I'm 450gs, you can't seize the crops
Thinking the streets is hot cause you feed your block
Dog, we different, please just stop
Cause I got P's to cop, you just say peace to cops



from Fresh Crops, released November 10, 2012


all rights reserved



ST x LIAM Montreal, Québec

ST x LIAM est un duo composé du rappeur ST et du rappeur/producteur LIAM.

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